About TUBES Artists Gallery

Hello fellow artists... 
"...my name is Denis Taylor and I'm an artist and Editor of painters Tubes magazine.

The new TUBES artists gallery is an exciting opportunity for painters to show their work to a large audience, one that painters TUBES magazine has been attracting for the last three years, due to the unique quality of the art writing and artists interviews.

At Tubes we are delighted to have close collaborations with some fantastic artists, terrific high street galleries, new and established social networks, artists groups and public art galleries.

Tubes is the banner which is owned and published by Studio 5 Publishing Partnership, of which I am a founder member of. The Partnership is made up of family members in Sweden and the UK.

Recently TUBES have been very happy to embrace new associations with artists and art related companies in the USA and most of Europe. We have a number of fabulous and accomplished artists who also contribute articles and narrate their new work and their artistic development.

Why not join us in 2019 - you can exhibit your work (for free) in the artists gallery as TUBES also takes a small commission when your work is sold.

If you wish you can write about your work and submit to me direct at tubes@telia.com

I look forward to working with you,

best to you.

Denis Taylor. Artist and Editor painters TUBES magazine and curator TUBES artists Gallery. telephone: 0046 76 19 19 007 - telia@telia.com www.painterstubes.com Studio 5 Sweden & the UK

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